In addition to providing training in forensic accounting, certifying qualification criteria for each NAFA member to qualify for receipt of business from the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry, and offering continuing education; NAFA offers additional benefits for its members.

             Newsletters – Communications is the single most vital part of the business world.  Electronics have made finding information easier for most people.  However, there is still a tremendous need to have continuously updated information regarding particular subject areas – such as forensic accounting.  Since NAFA only serves forensic accountants, 100% of our research and efforts are for the support of our NAFA members.

             National Purchase Discounts – NAFA constantly seeks membership discounts for our members from businesses such as office supply companies, office equipment dealers, travel assisted businesses, life and health insurance providers, property and casualty insurance companies and many more.

             Publications—NAFA provides the opportunity for members to have articles published in newsletters circulated to the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry.

NAFA Benefits

National Association of Forensic Accountants

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