NAFA Marketing

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National Association of Forensic Accountants


Marketing is the transition from PERCEPTION to REALITY!!         

Marketing is about reaching out to the desired market and announcing our presence, presenting  what we have and explaining the benefits to be derived from using our services,  AND THEN REPEATING THIS OFTEN ENOUGH TO BE HEARD AND REMEMBERED.


By providing sources of BUSINESS for our NAFA members through our contacts amassed from over thirty (30) years of doing business with the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry.

Increase NAFA Member Sales

1. Decrease NAFA Member Administrative Time

2. Reduce Operational Headaches

3. Improve Market Security for NAFA Members

Marketing is performed in concentrated areas of each new NAFA member’s immediate geographic territory to assist in generating new revenue as quickly as possible.  Major hubs are identified for specific industries.  Because additional concentrated marketing is performed in major cities and hubs on behalf of all NAFA Members, all are afforded with a highly cost-effective method of marketing.

Defining our Markets:

Attorneys – By definition, forensic means preparing for or defending possible litigious situations.  Since all court cases involve two or more parties, both sides may well have needs for our services.  Since the entire world has, regretfully, evolved to the point where we include attorneys in most all transactions, this potential market could be our biggest source of BUSINESS!

Property and Casualty Insurance Companies – They have had the needs of forensic analysis for years.  With most every commercial property loss, there comes a need to analyze business interruption coverage, inventory losses, and even more acute, the need to determine if the loss was deliberate or accidental.

Industry – The “range of need” for forensic analysis is growing daily!  One branch location consistently fails to reach industry-proven profit standards.  Why?  Inventory levels seem depleted.  What is happening?  Mergers and acquisitions require a thorough financial analysis!  What will the beginning expenses be for a new location?  What additional income can reasonably be expected from a new location?  Or a new product line?


If an industry property claim is being disputed, then the industry will have a need to protect and defend its opinion of the value of the loss.  More and more MAJOR industries are becoming self insured the therefore have all of the same needs as a public insurer plus they have the added responsibility of handling claims or possible claims at “arms length.”