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The National Association of Forensic Accountants (NAFA) provides training and CERTIFICATION to Certified Public Accountants in various fields of forensic accounting and provides availability and access to the services of those who have achieved NAFA CERTIFIED status. 


There is an increasing demand for investigative accounting services, and our experience has shown that this demand needs to be developed on a professional foundation and made available on a local basis.

             Forensic accounting is the latest addition to the accountant’s business portfolio.  Forensic accounting is the single hottest topic in the world of accounting today!  Universities are beginning to offer majors in the field of forensic accounting.  Attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and even accountants, are awakening to the need and, thus, are adding the services of forensic accounting.

             Even though NAFA is the oldest association of CPAs specializing in forensic/investigative accounting, we are also the fastest growing.

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National Association of Forensic Accountants

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